About TravelFeeder GO

Have you ever frustrated over the never ending works to prepare and plan for our dream FIT (Free and Independent Travel) holidays especially when we need to book our flights, accommodation and transportation in advance?

How often did you imagine how nice it could be if we can search, find and get useful information and latest promotion on various aspect of travel from 1 single website without surfing around web?

Here is the answer. TravelFeeder-GO is here to provide all types of travelers with all kinds of information and promotions from destinations all over the world that we have experienced ourselves so travel planners could plan their travel effortlessly and efficiently with everything they need to know under one roof.

We call it the 1-Stop Travel Portal for travelers, by travelers.

As we are travel addicts still flying around the world to more countries to experience their different cultures and procedures for everything, TravelFeeder-GO will keep being updated with more information and promotions, just for travel addicts like you.


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